Ziplining through the streets of Ancient City

Last spring, I decided to pack my bags and escaped from the long travel hiatus of global pandemic. It had been a long time since I wanted to do this, to experience once again what it feels like to be in foreign land and flew to Athens. So why Athens among all other glamorous cities? Not only this city is old and rich in history, Athens is also the getaway destination to experience some of the finest and breathtaking landscapes in the world. More on that part later. Greece, or Athens in general is a very laid-back place despite it being the capital city, where you can have the sensation of slow and calm travel. The weather was perfect all the time while we were there. The locals were really helpful and made us feel welcome in the city. In this post, I am gonna share my experience and walk you through Athens in this In-Photo series. Hope you enjoy. Cheers!

There are few modes of transportation you can use to go to the city center from the airport which are really easy and straightforward. First public option is by bus. Bus number X95 from the airport will stop at Syntagma Square which is right at the center of Athens city. The method we chose was by taking Athens Metro which took around 40 minutes. Although it may cost few euros more than bus, the journey as expected to be more pleasant and smoother.

To see a stunning aerial view of Athens city center and the great Parthenon of Acropolis from afar, you can make your way to Selina Athens Theatrou. There’s a bar at the rooftop where you can order beverages and spend the rest of evening embracing the spectacular sunset peacefully.

Greek coffee culture is amazing. For someone who enjoys coffee as much as I do, walking and seeing small coffee shops is a sight to behold. They are almost in every corner in Athens. There is this refreshing coffee beverage called freddo that you simply cannot miss. It comes in two forms: a freddo espresso or a freddo cappuccino. The latter being a more flavorful version and I really recommend you to try it. For food, street wise, souvlaki wrapped in pita is one of the most popular and you can find it easily at every corner. What many people may not know about is pie culture in this city. Pies have been a street food staple in Athens for centuries. You’ll find pie shops all over town, selling everything from creamy cheese pies to delicious custard pastries. What I absolutely recommend you to try is spinach pie, spanakopita. Both souvlaki and spanakopita are very fulfilling and you don’t have to worry about when your next meal is gonna be.

Evening stroll in Acropolis / Plaka area

Athens city center consists of many neighborhoods. And each neighborhood has different purpose and vibe of its own. Some of the most prominent neighborhoods are Monastiraki (famous for the main square and flea market), Omonoia (place we stayed in) and Syntagma (Best for market browsing and bar crawls). But the ones I want to highlight are Acropolis and Plaka. Acropolis and Plaka are next to each other and I highly recommend you to go here whether early in the morning and late in the evening to immerse in the livelihood of happening surrounding and colorful building. Plaka is appropriately known as the “Neighborhood of the Gods.” It lies beneath the northeastern slope of the Acropolis and stretches almost all the way to Syntagma Square, in a maze of winding narrow streets laced with shops and dotted with antiquities throughout. Plaka and Omonoia are day and night in comparison. While Omonoia makes you feel as if you are in Amman, Jordan as the way my wife likes to describe it, Plaka makes you feel like you’re strolling in small Italian medieval town.


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