The Pearl of Aegean

Greece is pretty famous for its beautiful set of islands and it’s no surprise they attract millions of visitors every year. There are variety of notable islands such as Mykonos, Crete and Naxos, each with their own attractions, brilliant sunsets and aquamarine waters. It can be a tall order to decide which one is best suited for your vacation. It is once of a lifetime opportunity to experience the best of Greek island so we have made the final decision which one to go. The ante is up by notches when you know it is Santorini. It is definitely the most hyped island in the world if not the most, and some people will describe the view as romantic cliché. Is it really? In this post, I am going to show you is it worth it to go to Santorini compared to other popular Greek islands, and if the glamour does it justice through this photo series and I’ll let you decide. Cheers!

Let’s face it, the thing that makes the difference between Santorini and other Greek islands is, the cliff. The tall cliff that lets you view the sunset and embrace the entirety of Aegean sea to the fullest. It is what sets the feature of the building structure here. Without it, chora like Fira, Imerovigli and Oia in Santorini would just be homogeneous. Despite all this, this is no ordinary cliff. We should take measure how this cliff was formed and what made Santorini the way it looks today in the first place. It is said that the island of Santorini was made of lava and has changed shape many times throughout the years. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have shaped the island into what it is today. Sounds interesting and straight from mythical story


Capital of the island is Fira and it is the cultural and commercial center of the Santorini. It is most definitely the best spot to enjoy the breathtaking view to the caldera especially during sunset. Acting as a capital, by all means this is where the transportation hub taking place. The main local bus station in Fira will take you anywhere around the island with fare around 1€ per person. During our two-day trip here, bus was our only medium of transportation since it was not much a hassle and the frequency of each trip was quite bearable.

The reason why walls on most parts in Santorini look angelic white and immaculate every time is because they paint it frequently. Not only it makes it look more attractive for people to see and instills the iconic Santorini looks, it also reflects the biggest part of the dazzling light, preventing the premises from getting warm.


Oia is the most visited chora in Santorini and the second largest after Fira, the capital town of the island and your trip would not be complete without a visit here. Most of the visitors come here to admire its unique architecture, captains’ houses, Blue Domes, cave houses and the sunset. And some may claim it is the prettiest place you can go in Greece. That’s debatable!

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